Celtics, Cumberland Farms Announce Contest

Thirty lucky Boston Celtics fans will be chosen at random to compete in a three-point shot contest and one winner will walk off with $25,000.

The Take-a-Shot contest, a promotion with Cumberland Farms, will be held at the team’s home games starting Jan. 3 vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves and running through March 25.

Initially, 30 winners will be selected to compete in a three-point shooting contest on 10 different game nights. The 10 finalists from each contest will have the opportunity to attempt a half-court shot for the chance to win the $25,000.

Each contestant will receive a Celtics hat & T-shirt as well as a Cumberland Farms gift card.

Sign up online at http://www.cumberlandfarms.com/ or http://www.celtics.com/, or by mailing in a 3x5 card in a stamped envelope with their first and last name, address, and daytime phone number to:

Boston Celtics
Attn: Cumberland Farms Take-a-Shot Promotion
Corporate Partnership Services
226 Causeway St., 4th floor
Boston, MA 02114.

All entries must be received between Wednesday, Dec. 15 and Friday, March 18

Network to Find Your Next Job

Networking strategies range from basic to sophisticated. Here are some general ideas on effective networking techniques:

  • Initiate contacts for the sole purpose of networking. Do not just wait to bump into people. The best career self-managers always look to expand their contacts.
  • Develop a networking list. Make contact with each person on the list. Add names of people you meet or to whom you are referred. Update the list regularly.
  • Set networking goals. Write down specific goals for the number of networking contacts to make each day or each week, and then monitor your performance.
  • Set goals for each meeting. Meet with a purpose; don’t just “get together” to see where it leads. Express the goal when you set the meeting.
  • Come prepared. Know about the person you’re meeting. Do research. Have a list of questions to ask. While you are talking, take notes.
  • Ask for referrals. Ask the person if he or she knows someone else you should meet. Ask permission to use the person’s name when initiating contact.
  • Maintain networking files. Keep records of the meeting outcomes and note important information about the person. This will be helpful downstream.
  • Meet in person whenever possible. Telephone contacts are sufficient for most networking events, but face time is much more valuable.
  • Express appreciation early and often. Let them know you value the information and their professional opinion. Send thanks by email or snail mail.
  • Plan the next steps. If you are to follow up, make a note on your calendar. If you agree to do something, be sure to follow through. Set the right tone.

There are four basic categories of networking contacts. Each brings a unique value. A good campaign draws the best from each of the four categories.


1. People you know well.

These are the people closest to you: family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. They have the greatest interest in your success and are excellent networking contacts. Also, they are the people with whom you are most comfortable.

This is a good place to begin your networking campaign, because you can ask for the most assistance from this group. However, it is important to set clear goals and expectations. They might want to help more than you want. Remember to acknowledge their value and say “thank you” throughout the process.


2. People you see occasionally.

Examples might be acquaintances and business contacts. More than 25 percent of the people who find jobs through networking received the referral from someone they see once a year or less.

While you might be less comfortable with these people, they also have the greatest potential value. Ask this group for ideas and referrals. When making contact, you might need to reintroduce yourself. State your purpose, acknowledge their value and request a meeting.

It’s a good idea to set reasonable time limits like 20 or 30 minutes, and be sure to stick to your time limit. Come well prepared and be professional and organized in the discussion. This attitude will generate additional referrals.


3. Referrals from networking contacts.

Expand your network by meeting people who are friends, associates and acquaintances of your networking contacts. Remember to ask at each meeting if the person knows anyone else to whom you should talk. Sometimes these will be people with additional information, but they could also be potential employers.

At this point, most job seekers are out of their comfort zone. Simultaneously, this is where you can find the real action. You are getting closer to that next position or project.

When approaching the referral contact, introduce yourself with a lead statement that will get their attention. If given permission, use the name of the person who referred you. State your purpose clearly and request a meeting.

4. Cold calling people you do not know.

Through your research and networking, you will probably discover names of people with whom you should talk. This type of contact takes an additional level of confidence, but the potential is great. Take the initiative and you will discover these contacts can really pay off.


Now, start networking today!

Cumberland Farms Sponsors Massachusetts Food Drive with 4-H

Throughout the month of November, Cumberland Farms is helping Massachusetts 4-H to collect food for the hungry as part of a statewide food drive.

The USDA reports more than a half million people in Massachusetts are struggling to put food on the table this year. Cumberland Farms encourages the public to help ease this crisis in any way they can, and to contribute non-perishable food at any Cumberland Farms store in the Bay State. The 4-H volunteers hope to collect 12,000 pounds of food for food pantries in their local communities across Massachusetts.
"We are proud to sponsor the young people of 4-H who are working hard to assist those families in need," said Ari Haseotes, President of Cumberland Farms Retail Division.
Throughout November, 4-H members will retrieve donations from each Cumberland Farms store, and deliver it to local food banks. This is the third consecutive year the convenience store has supported the 4-H Massachusetts Food Drive as part of the company's Corporate Giving Program.

Cumberland Farms Celebrates New Store Openings

To mark the grand opening of its newest remodeled convenience store in Brookfield, Mass., Cumberland Farms is kicking off a month-long fundraiser Wednesday that will benefit the students of Brookfield Elementary School. For the next month, Cumberland Farms will donate 20 cents from every Chill Zone beverage and cup of coffee sold at its 225 Main St. store in Brookfield to the school's current fifth grade class. All proceeds will support a class trip to Camp Bournedale, which the students will take in sixth grade. Cumberland Farms said it hopes to raise at least $1,000 for the class trip.
"With so many tight budgets these days, the costs of school trips can seem overwhelming to families," Principal Kathleen Hosterman said in a statement. "This donation will help lessen those burdens, and encourage our students to keep learning. We're grateful to Cumberland Farms for this generous donation, and thank them for their support."
Ari Haseotes, president of Cumberland Farms Retail Division, stated: "This fundraiser is our way of thanking the Brookfield families who patronize our stores. It's our pleasure to give something back to them, and help these kids take new adventures and broaden their minds."
In addition, Cumberland Farms recently celebrated the grand opening of its newly remodeled store in Southampton, Mass., by kicking off another month-long fundraiser -- this one benefiting the students of William E. Norris School. The fundraiser began Oct. 25.
From now through Nov. 25, the convenience store chain will donate 20 cents from every Chill Zone beverage and cup of coffee sold at the store, located at 130 College Highway and Route 10 in Southampton, to William E. Norris School. All of the proceeds will go toward purchasing new gym equipment for the students, including a new rock wall.
So far this year, Cumberland Farms has donated more than $10,000 to support local schools.
Family owned for over 70 years, the chain operates a network of c-stores across 11 states.

Cumberland Farms offers Believe and Achieve Scholarship

Cumberland Farms is taking applications for its Believe and Achieve Scholarship program, which provides individual $1,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors bound for college.

The program is open to students who live within 30 miles of any Cumberland Farms store, as well as children of Cumberland Farms employees. While the initiative takes academic performance into account, the award also considers the student’s financial need.

Applications can be submitted online through Cumberland Farms and will be open until Dec. 15.  For details, visit CumberlandFarms.com/DoingGood.

CSI Fleet Fuel Card Adds Cumberland Farms to CSI Fuel Discount Program

CSI Fleet Fuel Card, a leader in cost savings features for fleet businesses, announces the addition of Cumberland Farms convenience stores to its consortium of vendors participating in CSI’s fuel discount program. The CSI fuel discount program offers immediate at-the-pump discounts up to $0.05 per gallon at more than 30,000 locations. Cumberland Farms now offers a $0.03 per gallon discount at its 58 convenience store locations in Florida including those in West Palm Beach, Vero Beach, Hollywood and Orlando.

Cumberland Farms is currently enjoying a number of exciting changes, including new store designs as well as the introduction of premier fresh products and services, such as the new Farmhouse Blend coffee, all in an effort to become the first choice destination for every on-the-go consumer and fleet driver.

“We are always looking for new opportunities to help our customers save,” explains Keith Stone, CSI President/CEO. “Both Cumberland Farms and CSI strive to provide the very best for their customers, and I think the inclusion of Cumberland Farms in the CSI fuel discount program is a perfect example of each company offering a real and valuable benefit.”

The CSI fuel discount program is part of the comprehensive savings plan developed for CSI Fleet Fuel Card users. “Clients that take advantage of the variety of opportunities we offer, can consistently save up to 15% on their fuel expenses,” said Stone.

Savings begin with immediate discounts at the pump. Fleet managers also have access to the CSI Smart Buy Fuel Locator which not only lists the location of every participating discount merchant but also reports the current fuel prices at all stations, allowing managers to easily identify the lowest-priced merchants. In addition, CSI Fleet Fuel Cards may be individually set with a variety of controls such as purchase limits on the amount and types of purchases as well as requiring PIN and mileage prompts at the pump. Fleet managers can also monitor purchases and adjust limits online in real-time.

To apply for and learn more about the CSI Fleet Fuel Card, visit www.csifleetfuelcard.com.

Great Part-time Retail Jobs in Massachusetts

As far as we're concerned our headquarters is located out here, in the stores, behind the counter, and by the pump. Our full and part-time retail customer service associates are the face and future of Cumberland Farms, working hard to ensure that customers get in, out, and happily along with their day. Whether just a part-time retail gig or a launch pad to a great full-time retail career, these positions are a great way to make a real difference every day.
As a Customer Service Associate, you are more than a retail clerk; you are the face of Cumberland Farms to our customers.

Whether you are looking for an incredible full-time retail career, or a great part-time retail job, the Customer Service Associate position is essential in our company.

 As a Customer Service Associate you will be responsible for the following:

  • Providing a pleasant shopping experience for all customers.
  • Providing prompt, efficient and courteous customer service.
  • Maintaining a clean, customer friendly environment in the store.
  • Completing customer transactions and responding to customer inquiries.
  • Replenishing products and supplies to ensure our products are well stocked.
  • Assisting the Store Manager with the proper execution of all store level merchandising and marketing programs.
  • Performing all regular cleaning activities and other tasks as outlined by the Store Manager.
Keys to Success

A Successful Customer Service Associate is friendly, enthusiastic, energetic and willing to learn. A Customer Service Associate can advance his/her career by promotion to a Customer Service Leader or a Manager in Training.

At Cumberland Farms our Customer Service Associates are the backbone of our Company. That is why we are looking for great people.  You can start your search for a great retail customer service job in Boston, Worcester, Springfield or the Cape and Islands by going to CumberlandFarms.com.

Get connected.

How many times have you been told that it's not what you know, but who you know?  Thanks to the emergence of professional networking sites like LinkedIn.com, job seekers no longer have to rely on the old standby of exchanging business cards with strangers. 

LinkedIn is composed of millions of industry professionals and allows you to connect with people you know and the people they know to build your network.

The more connections you have, the more opportunities you have. However, I would caution you to connect with people you know and trust or have a business relationship with, no need to go crazy and connect with everyone.  You should also take a few minutes to search LinkedIn and I'm sure you'll find lots of contacts from your current and prior employers, clients, vendors, and schools. All those contacts have the potential to help you grow your career or find a new job.

Ready to start your LinkedIn network? Start with me and I will share Cumberland Farms and Gulf Oil job opportunities with you as they become available !

You have an interview set up - Now start your research!

I know right away when a candidate doesn't know too much about our company. If they don't know who “Ari” is or what a Cumberland Farms “Chill Zone” is, that's not a good sign. If a candidate can't tell me a little bit about our history, they have not done their homework.

In a job market where job seekers send out hundreds of resumes each week with the hope that anybody will respond, job seekers sometimes cut corners by not thoroughly checking out potential employers. But failure to know about the place you claim you want to work at can make you seem unprepared and disinterested.

To prepare for any interview, I suggest you research the following:

• What does the company do?

• What are its products?

• What is the company's mission?

• Where are its offices?

• How big is the company in terms of employees/revenue?

• How is it positioned in its industry?

How to research a company:

• Review the company's website.

• Read press releases.

• Pay attention to industry publications.

• Use Google alerts to stay on top of current company news.

• Talk to a representative at a career fair or trade show.

• Follow key decision-makers on Twitter.

• Use LinkedIn groups and other online social media tools.

If you get to know your potential employers, chances are they will want to get to know you!

Cumberland Gulf expands brand portfolio with addition of 75 Mobil stations

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- With the purchase yesterday—as reported in a Morgan Keegan/CSP Daily News Flash yesterday—of ExxonMobil's real and contractual interests in 75 properties and a petroleum distribution fleet located in Suffolk and Nassau Counties, N.Y., the Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies has added the Mobil brand to its portfolio that includes Cumberland Farms, Gulf and Exxon.

The 75 Long Island stations will remain branded as Mobil, and will be a combination of company-operated and dealer-operated locations.
"We are proud to welcome Mobil, one of the premier brands in the Northeast, as a part of our business portfolio," said Joseph Petrowski, CEO of Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies. "Adding these high-quality sites fits with our company's long-term strategy of providing multiple quality brands to the motoring public."
All Mobil employees at the company-operated locations and in the petroleum distribution fleet are expected to be offered employment with Cumberland Farms, the company said.

You can read the rest of the article from CSP here

Are you looking for a great retail job?  Check out the latest retail openings here

Cumberland Farms Joins Cause to Save Library

Local convenience store hosts fundraiser to support renovations

Cumberland Farms has kicked off a month-long fundraiser to benefit the fund to renovate the Morristown Centennial Library in Morrisville, Vt.  For the next month, Cumberland Farms will donate 20 cents from every Chill Zone beverage and cup of coffee sold at one of its nearby stores. The monies raised will support the library's capital campaign fund benefitting phase one.

"The Centennial Library is in desperate need of renovations," said Pat Stevens, events programming committee chair. "We can't thank Cumberland Farms enough for this generous donation and support."
Cumberland Farms aims to raise at least $1,000 for the library, the company said.

"This fundraiser is our way of saying thank you to the people of Morrisville and the surrounding communities for their patronage over the years," said Ari Haseotes, president of Cumberland Farms Retail Division. "It is our pleasure to give back and help save the library."  Cumberland Farms employees and library staff will hold a kickoff fundraiser celebration on September 10 at the store.

Framingham, Mass.-based Cumberland Farms is one of the nation's largest family-owned c-store chains. Operating in 11 states, in the Northeast and Florida, its mission is to make life easier for its on-the-go consumers with its trademark Farmhouse Blend coffee and Chill Zone beverages, as well as fresh food, dairy products, snacks and gasoline.

Family owned for more than 70 years, Cumberland Farms also has a long heritage of giving back to the communities where it operates.

Jobs in MA: Retail Managers-in-Training

Cumberland Farms Store Managers love retail, merchandising, and most importantly customer service. The Store Managers realize that Cumberland Farms is a vital and exciting Company with endless opportunity for growth.

Cumberland Farms offers Great Retail Careers for individuals who are as enthusiastic about running great convenience stores as we are.

There are new opportunities to join a Manager-in-Training program in Massachusetts.  Click here to learn more about these new careers and apply!

Presenting a Whole New Way to Pay

The Cumberland Farms Cash Card

How easy is this? Now you can get whatever you need at Cumberland Farms with just a simple swipe of our brand new Cash Card. You can use it inside the store or out at the pumps. The card can be purchased or reloaded in increments from as little as $5 to as much as $250. It's a wonderful gift, a fantastic idea for businesses both large and small, and a great way to get things done without relying on a credit card.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

The Cumberland Gulf Group of Companies is proud to be a sponsor of the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. This year will be the Company’s 18th anniversary of participation in the ANNUAL AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY’S WALK. We are committed to assisting in the effort to raise funds for breast cancer research, patient services, education, and advocacy. If it hasn’t already, breast cancer will likely touch you or someone you know. The disease will strike more than 200,000 times this year and claim more than 40,000 lives. There are many ways to fight breast cancer: by walking, becoming a team leader, volunteering, becoming a sponsor or making a donation at your local Cumberland Farms. Click here to find a Cumberland Farms near you.

Thanks to you, and the many others who participate and donate to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event, we are getting closer to a world where breast cancer never steals another year from anyone’s life.

You can also become a fan on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

Accounting Jobs in Massachusetts

I'm looking for a Bulk Administration Accountant. The Accountant will accurately reconcile all bulk sales and purchase invoices; verify correct pricing and work with counterparties to resolve any pricing disputes, works closely with Treasury group to ensure proper payment and cash flow.

To learn more about this position, or search for other great jobs in Massachusetts, search my job board.

Free Chill Zone at Cumberland Farms!

Go to the Cumberland Farms Chill Zone Fan Page on Facebook and become a "liker". Once Cumberland Farms reaches 100,000 Chill Zone fans, they will have a free Chill Zone Day. Cumberland Farms needs about 6,000 more fans before they can make this happen, so be sure to spread the word!

Looking for a fun new job? Do you believe in giving great customer service? Check out Cumberland Farms latest job openings here

Cumberland Farms debuts iced coffee offering

Cumberland Farms is rolling out a new iced coffee offering made from its Farmhouse Blend coffee recipe.

In response to customer demand, the chain said that its medium roast is now available chilled. Any sized coffee, hot or iced, is 99 cents, the chain said, and to get out the word about its iced coffee, Cumberland Farms said that customers can get iced coffee for free on Fridays from May 7th through June 4th.

You can follow Cumberland Farms on Twitter by clicking here.

Loyal Chill Zone Facebook Page Nearing 85,000 Fans

You may not regularly run into celebrities when you visit your local Cumberland Farms retail location, but look a little closer because no matter which store you frequent, there is a rock star in your midst. This overnight sensation is known as Chill Zone – and it now has more than 82,000 fans.

Of course, the Chill Zone isn’t really an “overnight” sensation. It has been growing in popularity with customers since it was first rolled out several years ago – and why not? It’s the only place in the world that lets you mix up any drink you can think of, frozen or fountain, for just 79 cents any size. That’s
certainly worthy of stardom. In reality, Chill Zone beverages have way more than 82,000 fans. But the fans we’re talking about here are Facebook fans, who are responsible for the growing online buzz about all of the variety, value and fun the Chill Zone has to offer.

Last summer, 25 dedicated volunteer fans were made Chill Zone ambassadors, who helped to drive and create the content on Chill Zone’s Facebook fan page. That combined with weekly contests for a year’s worth of free Chill Zone beverages, picture contests and a Halloween costume contest helped drive the Facebook fan base through the roof.

“The campaign was so successful that Kbuzz, the advertising company that helped Cumberland Farms create, develop and manage the page was nominated for an advertising award and came in second-runner up among hundreds of other submissions,” said Dispensed Beverages Category Manager Gregory Lorance. “The rate our fan base grew as well as the amount of interaction that we see from our Facebook fans makes Chill Zone a standout in the Facebook community.”

The goal is to keep the growing momentum going – with the continuation of character collector cups and other merchandise items, like T-Shirts, which will soon be available – and to increase the fan base to 100,000 by the end of the year.

Gulf Oil Acquires Brand Rights for Entire U.S.

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. -- Gulf Oil, L.P., a wholly owned subsidiary of Cumberland Farms Inc., today announced its intentions to execute a significant geographic brand expansion. Effective January 12, Gulf Oil LP acquired all rights, title and interest to the Gulf brand in the United States.

For the last 20 years, Gulf-branded gasoline in the continental United States has only been available in an 11-state region in the Northeast through a licensing agreement between Gulf Oil's parent company and Chevron USA Inc.

Gulf Oil now controls the right to market the brand throughout the United States and its territories. This acquisition enables Gulf Oil to expand its use of the Gulf brand throughout the United States for the first time since it first acquired certain rights to the brand in 1986.

Gulf Oil, based in Framingham, Mass., is one of the Northeast's largest wholesalers of refined petroleum products. Gulf Oil distributes motor fuels through a network of more than 2,000 branded gasoline retail centers, 12 proprietary oil terminals and a network of more than 50 other supply terminals. Gulf Oil supplies gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, jet fuel and kerosene through its Gulf Oil terminal network. Through its unbranded subsidiary, Great Island Energy, Gulf Oil L.P. also supplies petroleum products as well as risk management and financial services to industrial, commercial, and independent retail firms.