Gulf Joins Fuel Savings Network

Following a month-long test, Gulf Oil L.P. announced this week that it will offer consumers the ability to lower their price of gas through a powerful new retail partner program known as Override. All consumers have to do to earn gas savings is shop at such retailers as Shaw's Supermarkets or Dunkin' Donuts.

Shoppers who make a minimum purchase of $50 worth of groceries with their Shaw's Rewards Card earn an immediate 10 cents off a gallon of gas up to 20 gallons at a participating Gulf Oil location. Dunkin' Donuts customers who purchase at least $20, which can be accumulated over multiple visits, with a Dunkin' Rewards Card, earn 5 cents off each gallon of gas at Gulf. Those savings can then be redeemed immediately at participating Gulf locations throughout New England.

Either partner card can be swiped right at the gas pump to earn the savings.

"Gulf Oil is always on the hunt for creative, unique programs that help the driving public," said Gulf Oil president and COO Ron Sabia. "The ability to extend a savings program to consumers is a fundamental part of our strategy to grow as the leading downstream energy distribution company. The key attributes of Override are its link to strong retail partners, our extensive network of Gulf locations and the immediate roll back of pump prices."

The gas savings program with Gulf is being piloted at eight locations in the Worcester and Gloucester, Mass., markets, and will expand to hundreds of locations throughout New England on Friday, March 27. According to Gulf chief marketing officer Rick Dery, "The response to the program from our Gulf-branded distributors and dealers has been outstanding."
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Cumberland Farms Retail Locations

Cumberland Farms provides its customers with value, convenience and unparalleled service through a network of 900 retail stores, gas stations, and a support system including petroleum and grocery distribution operations.

Finding a Cumberland Farms close to you has never been easier. Visit to find a retail store near you!

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Cumberland Farms' New Concept Store

The newly opened Cumberland Farms convenience store on the highly travelled Route 6 here looks like no other of its kind. Gone are the blue and orange accents that have graced the chain’s stores for so many years. Instead, as a symbol of all that is new and different about this prototype store, a green and blue Cumberland Farms logo stands tall above the store entrance and on forecourt signs.

"Obviously there’s a lot of heritage in our logo, it’s been around for almost 70 years, and we wanted to be careful to pay it the respect it deserves," Ari Hasetoes, president of the Canton, Mass.-based convenience chain, told CSNews Online at the store’s grand opening ceremony last Friday. "But we also wanted to be able to morph ourselves into a new generation and communicate to customers that we’re not just about packaged beverages or milk anymore, we’re about fresh foods.

"The iconic tree symbol is now green, and has changed to resemble a sprout with leaves that is encircled by a ring of dots that grow larger as they move clockwise. Below that, the word “Cumberland” is blue, and the word "Farms" is green."It’s not just a logo, that logo will only adorn stores that have received the new fresh products and the new coffee and fountain offer," he said. "That really exemplifies and communicates what we are about now, which is fresh products, that’s why we introduced green into it."Heralded by the company as a new definition of convenience store, its offerings are based on fresh prepared foods and foodservice. In fact, using the cashier counter as a divider -- it is placed in the middle of the store’s back wall -- the left half of the store is dedicated to foodservice, while the right is the more traditional convenience items.

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A record high 12.5 million people are unemployed

Grim new unemployment numbers from the government show that 651,000 people lost their jobs in February and the jobless rate hit 8.1 percent, the highest in 25 years.

Economists surveyed by had forecast a loss of 650,000 jobs in February.

The survey of households found 12.5 million people are now unemployed, the most since records started being kept in 1940. Total job losses over the last six months are more than 3.3 million.

The unemployment rate jumped to 8.1 percent from 7.6 percent in January. That was the highest since December 1983, when the jobless rate was 8.3 percent.

In February, the number of persons who worked part time for economic reasons (sometimes referred to as involuntary part-time workers) rose by 787,000, reaching 8.6 million. The number of such workers rose by 3.7 million over the past 12 months. This category includes persons who would like to work full time but were working part time because their hours had been cut back or because they were unable to find full time jobs.

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Cumberland Farms donations to honor Laconia Police Officer

Cumberland Farms officials are honoring a Laconia police officer for showing compassion to a man he had arrested for shoplifting food.

The company will honor Officer Jeff Wholley on Friday with donations to the police relief fund and a statewide food bank.

Last Jan. 7, Wholley arrested a man who shoplifted four pre-made sandwiches, valued at $9.16, from the Cumberland Farms store on Court Street. Later, however, upon learning that Benjamin M. Berry, 32, took the sandwiches because he was hungry as well as homeless, Wholley returned to the store, paid for the sandwiches himself and gave them to Berry.

To acknowledge Wholley's actions, Cumberland Farms President Ari Haseotes will present a $1,000 donation to the Laconia Police Relief Fund and $2,500 to the New Hampshire Food Bank during an 11:30 a.m. ceremony Friday at the Laconia Salvation Army. In addition to the donations, Cumberland Farms will provide lunch for the Salvation Army patrons.

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