Cumberland Farms donations to honor Laconia Police Officer

Cumberland Farms officials are honoring a Laconia police officer for showing compassion to a man he had arrested for shoplifting food.

The company will honor Officer Jeff Wholley on Friday with donations to the police relief fund and a statewide food bank.

Last Jan. 7, Wholley arrested a man who shoplifted four pre-made sandwiches, valued at $9.16, from the Cumberland Farms store on Court Street. Later, however, upon learning that Benjamin M. Berry, 32, took the sandwiches because he was hungry as well as homeless, Wholley returned to the store, paid for the sandwiches himself and gave them to Berry.

To acknowledge Wholley's actions, Cumberland Farms President Ari Haseotes will present a $1,000 donation to the Laconia Police Relief Fund and $2,500 to the New Hampshire Food Bank during an 11:30 a.m. ceremony Friday at the Laconia Salvation Army. In addition to the donations, Cumberland Farms will provide lunch for the Salvation Army patrons.

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