Free Resume Builder

Many people working in retail do not have a resume. They are very confused about resume writing. The biggest difficulty is knowing where to start or what to include. They don't know what to write in a good resume and what not to write. For example, a good resume does not have to be just one page in length or follow a specific resume format. Every resume is a one-of-a-kind marketing communication.

I think I can help.

If you are one of these frustrated individuals trying to create a great resume, try using my Resume Builder to write your winning resume. When you are done, check out the jobs that are available or download your resume and go. It's easy.

When your new resume gets you an interview with a great company, come back and check out my Interview DON'Ts before you go to the interview. I wish you all the best in your search for a new job.

Important Interview DON'Ts

Most job seekers and recent graduates know what to do on a job interview: Sell why they are best for the job. Sadly, many of these same job seekers make common mistakes during the same interview. Sometimes their mistakes cost them a great retail job.

Use these tips on what not to do during your next retail interview:

  • Show up unprepared
  • Have nothing to say
  • Say too much
  • Trash a former employer
  • Give too many personal details
  • Fidget, bite your nails, or drum your fingers
  • Bring only one copy of your resume
  • Sit before you’re offered a chair
  • Show up late
  • Discuss money, time off or benefits unless an offer has been made
  • Ask no questions
  • Get too comfortable
  • Give vague answers
  • Use foul language
  • Act as if they need you more than you need them
  • Forget to shake hands
  • Fail to follow up
  • Fail to send a thank you note