Important Interview DON'Ts

Most job seekers and recent graduates know what to do on a job interview: Sell why they are best for the job. Sadly, many of these same job seekers make common mistakes during the same interview. Sometimes their mistakes cost them a great retail job.

Use these tips on what not to do during your next retail interview:

  • Show up unprepared
  • Have nothing to say
  • Say too much
  • Trash a former employer
  • Give too many personal details
  • Fidget, bite your nails, or drum your fingers
  • Bring only one copy of your resume
  • Sit before you’re offered a chair
  • Show up late
  • Discuss money, time off or benefits unless an offer has been made
  • Ask no questions
  • Get too comfortable
  • Give vague answers
  • Use foul language
  • Act as if they need you more than you need them
  • Forget to shake hands
  • Fail to follow up
  • Fail to send a thank you note

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