Boomer Trivia

It's described as "Mind-blowing fun for those who can remember." It's the Baby Boomer Retirement Game.

The ultimate goal of this board game is to achieve inner peace, but that can only be attained by mastering three key lifestyles areas: life experiences, health and assets. Originally an online-only game, a version has begun turning up in stores with a suggested retail price of $29.99 to $34.95.
The game has the potential to be a smashing success. With more than 82 million Baby Boomers planning to retire by 2027, it could quickly become a coffee table favorite.
Want to test your Boomer knowledge? See if you can answer these questions:
  • What year did most car models change from two headlights to four headlights?
  • Who was Dobie Gillis' beatnik friend?
  • What was the name of Sky King's airplane?
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