4 Quick Tips to Finding a Great Job on the Internet

1. Research Yourself On-line
Do some research on your cyber identity. Enter your name into Google, Yahoo, MSN. What comes up? Does a simple search of your name turn up offensive writing, less than professional photos, or activities that could turn off a potential boss? If so, you need to clean up your image, fast. Many employers use search engines and social-networking sites to research candidates.
2. Network On-line
Get yourself on LinkedIn or other professional networks. Make the most of these sites by building contacts and asking mentors or former employers to recommend you.
Many companies use LindedIn for recruiting.
3. Think Twice Before You Hit Send
The Internet makes it easy to send out resumes. Consider quality over quantity. Research each opportunity and to tailor your resume and cover letter to each employer and position. Add key words to your resume that are from the industry to let the employer know you understand the job duties.
4. Don't Forget To Say "Thank You"
Even when the Web helps you land the interview, remember to send an old-fashioned thank-you note as soon as possible. Handwritten notes make the best impression and will sometimes put you on the top of the list for call backs!