You have an interview set up - Now start your research!

I know right away when a candidate doesn't know too much about our company. If they don't know who “Ari” is or what a Cumberland Farms “Chill Zone” is, that's not a good sign. If a candidate can't tell me a little bit about our history, they have not done their homework.

In a job market where job seekers send out hundreds of resumes each week with the hope that anybody will respond, job seekers sometimes cut corners by not thoroughly checking out potential employers. But failure to know about the place you claim you want to work at can make you seem unprepared and disinterested.

To prepare for any interview, I suggest you research the following:

• What does the company do?

• What are its products?

• What is the company's mission?

• Where are its offices?

• How big is the company in terms of employees/revenue?

• How is it positioned in its industry?

How to research a company:

• Review the company's website.

• Read press releases.

• Pay attention to industry publications.

• Use Google alerts to stay on top of current company news.

• Talk to a representative at a career fair or trade show.

• Follow key decision-makers on Twitter.

• Use LinkedIn groups and other online social media tools.

If you get to know your potential employers, chances are they will want to get to know you!

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