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Wal-Mart to Launch New C-store Concept
Wal-Mart reportedly has a team of executives in the San Francisco area devising two new small-footprint stores.

Whole Foods to Test Express Concept
Following its $565 million acquisition of rival organic grocer Wild Oats, Whole Foods is considering a test of Whole Foods Market Express, focusing on convenience.

Brookshire Bros./ Polk Oil Merger Spawns New Super C-Store Format
In an exclusive interview with CSNews Online, Jerry Johnson, president/CEO of Brookshire Bros. supermarkets, confirmed plans to unveil a new c-store model with fresh produce, meat, a pharmacy and clinic services of a medical professional.

Chevron Promises to Grow Retail and Explore Alternative Fuels
Company executive told marketers, dealers and franchisees the best is yet to come during its biannual convention in Denver.

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