Free Job Boards That Generate Traffic

Don't have a big budget? Looking for some free job boards that will generate traffic?

Check out these boards with free job postings:

Some of these sites may not rank well with Alexa or Google. That's not important. What is important is where your jobs show up after posting. For example: Post a job on Postjobfree or Postiteasy and within 24 hours it's on Indeed, SimplyHired, Jobster, Google and Myspace!

It's worth taking the time to experiment with each of these boards to see what site works best for you!


Anonymous said... is also a free site to post your jobs on. Posting jobs to the site will get them listed in Indeed, SimplyHired, Google Base, HotJobs, and others as well.

Anonymous said...

Try our Rock Star Recruiting (
Ive done pretty dang well with them.

TeleportJobs said...

You can also throw TeleportJobs in there

We are a free job board. You'll get your jobs on Indeed, SimplyHired, GoogleBase, and Oodle all for the low low cost of free. You also get free access to our resume database.