Interview Red Flags

Certain behaviors and reactions displayed during the interview indicate cause for concern. This list was developed after conducting many interviews. Can you think of any Red Flags I missed? Read on!
  1. Poor personal appearance.
  2. Lack of interest and enthusiasm.
  3. Overemphasis on money.
  4. Condemnation of past employers.
  5. Late for the interview.
  6. Failure to express appreciation for the interviewer's time.
  7. Asks no questions about the position.
  8. Vague response to questions.
  9. Overly aggressive, conceited, or know-it-all complex.
  10. Inability to express oneself clearly.
  11. Lack of planning for a career.
  12. Lack of confidence and poise.
  13. Unwilling to start at the bottom; expects too much, too soon.
  14. Evasive, hedges on unfavorable factors in job history.
  15. Lack of maturity.
  16. Lethargic, lack of energy.
  17. Merely shopping around.
  18. Wants job only for a short time.
  19. No interest in company or industry.

Employers: Got any more examples? Leave a reply with your example Interview Red Flag!

Job Seekers: Got any Red Flag examples from the other side of the desk? Share them!


Recruitnik said...

Too aggressive or not aggressive enough are also common.

Anonymous said...

I was on an interview where the guy told me every way he would fire me if I did something wrong. It was the longest 20 minute interview ever! I didn't take the job!


Anonymous said...

I think it is the Recruiters responsibility to prep their candidates. If someone displays 90% of those no'nos on your list, then the recruiter should look for another job. I prep my candidates on everything: dress code, hand-shake, eating protocol, checking their teeth, perfume hairstyles, colors of clothing everything. Being late is no longer a bad excuse-so I set up a time frame rather than a definite time. Lots of things can be done to make a bad candidate a good and hirable one, so you have to either do your homework first to get your hire rate up, or stop wasting everyone's time. I have written many how-to articles, so if anyone wants a copy pl email me.

Anonymous said...

Trying to cancel and reschedule interviews last minute without a concrete reason why.

Glenn Gutmacher said...

Can't provide a few professional references off the top of their head upon request (not necessarily contact info, but at least names and how the interviewee knows them professionally).

-- Glenn Gutmacher

Bill Bell said...

As an employer: any attempt to manipulate me, as the interviewer.

As a job seeker: interviewers who cannot hold a fairly ordinary (unscripted) conversation with me that involves questions that probe for understanding of what I have said; interviewers who do not understand occupations and duties in the field for which they are recruiting; interviewers who verbally abuse people in their own organisations, or elsewhere; interviewers who can't shut up.