Cumberland Farms Hires Actor David Hasselhoff to Star in Summer Iced Coffee Campaign

Cumberland Farms announced this week that it is launching a new summer iced coffee campaign starring actor David Hasselhoff. The campaign includes a television commercial that began airing on May 21, as well as point-of-sale signage.

Developed by Boston advertising agency Full Contact, the campaign builds on the two "surprises" of Cumberland Farms' Farmhouse Blend - that consumers can get a great cup of coffee at a convenience store, and that the coffee is 99 cents for any size, any time.

In the commercial, a couple walking the beach is surprised to find a life-sized sand sculpture of a grand piano, and is further surprised when they realize that it was created by Hasselhoff. After enjoying a cup of Farmhouse Blend iced coffee, Hasselhoff declares it to be "Hofftastic!" The voiceover states, "It's one surprise after another. Farmhouse Blend coffee, 99 cents any size, only at Cumberland Farms."

Cumberland Farms rolled out its signature Farmhouse Blend coffee in 2008. The stores' "coffee bar" lets consumers customize a wide variety of hot and cold coffee drinks.

"We're very proud of our Farmhouse Blend, which offers consumers both the great-tasting coffee they crave and a tremendous value," said Cumberland Farms President Ari Haseotes. "Since New Englanders love iced coffee, we wanted to undertake an ambitious marketing program to generate consumer awareness and trial of a really terrific product during the busy summer season when people are on the go. We're excited to launch such a visible campaign and look forward to hearing the feedback of our customers."

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