Cumberland Farms and Gulf: A marriage of convenience

When Joe Petrowski got the opportunity to serve as Gulf Oil’s president and CEO in 2005, he jumped at the chance. Not only was he fascinated by the energy industry, but the job allowed him to return to his native Boston area.
Petrowski grew up in Brockton and attended Harvard, where he wrote his thesis on the gasoline business. After graduation, he went to work in the energy industry.
In 2005, he came to Gulf, a wholesale petroleum distributor then headquartered in Chelsea. Since October, he has been CEO of Gulf Oil and Cumberland Farms (Gulf is a subsidiary of Cumberland). Ron Sabia is now the president and COO of Gulf, and Ari Haseotes is the president of Cumberland Farms.
Like Petrowski, 54, Cumberland Farms has local roots. It was started as a farm in Cumberland, R.I. With 600 stores from Maine to Delaware, and as far west as Pennsylvania, it is now the seventh largest convenience store operator in the U.S. There are about 2,500 Gulf stations in that same area.
In May, Cumberland Farms will move out of its Canton headquarters and Gulf will move out of its Newton offices. The two companies’ 400 corporate employees will be housed in the same office in Framingham.
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Anonymous said...

Cumberland Farms and Gulf have to unwind about 20 years of poor managerial decisions in order for the company to survive. They don't have the ability to hire and retain talented employees. The culture is rotten and if left unchanged will be the demise of both.

Anonymous said...

you hear al the time about cumberland farms cooperate giving donation all the time but why is it when you have a manager at your establishment that is doing a terrific job at her store that gives out ballons at the christmas parade buys candy to give out at halloween helps the other businesses around her store to clean up the gangs of kid hanging around doing demage get tires slashed that she had to pay for her store was the best we of the community had seen it in over 11 years gets terminated because open the store alittle late where was her help when she worked 7 days a week for 2 years she was the longest lasting manager at that location in the past 11 year she was very friendly and nice to talk to we miss her alot

Joss said...

I love your generalization with "They don't have the ability to hire and retain talented employees." I work for Cumberland Farms and not only do I have a terrific manager who tries so hard for the store but our District manager is always there to give us support and to reward us when we do something exceptionable. I love my job, it's a great place to work. Yes, I have heard of all the past misfortune, but it's in the past. We are all trying our hardest to make this company work, so cut us some slack. It's not going to be done overnight.

Hell, we do everything we can to make our store as pleasant as possible for our customers. Concentrate on the good things and not the bad. It'll make your life much easier.