Kristie's job at Cumberland Farms

Anyone who has worked with the general public knows the challenges associated. My experience working in a C-store has actually helped with my public speaking that is necessary both in the classroom as well as now working in my career.

It all started one day I was picking up milk for my friends mother and noticed a “now hiring” sign in the window of our local C-store, Cumberland Farms. I applied for the job, got an interview and was offered a job! I worked as a full-time customer service associate for 3 years while balancing a full college course-load. I stayed in my position at Cumberland Farms because the hours were incredibly flexible and the managers were understanding and considerate of the stresses during test time.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Business Management, the company offered me an internal career opportunity. My experience can be evident to others shown in the perks of longevity with a company and my ability to exhibit time management.

Start your career at Cumberland Farms! Apply today!

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Anonymous said...

Cumberland Farms offers jobs not careers. The office environment is stagnant and does not promote a healthy work environment and career growth.