Top 10 Retail Movies

There are dozens of movies about retailing that have been released over the years. The following Top 10 are from Retail Info News:

  1. Elf, 2003 Will Farrell is raised by Santa's elves, but it is time for him to find his birth family in New York City. Scenes take place in Gimbel's to complete the off-made connection between Christmas and retailing.
  2. You've Got Mail, 1998 AOL product placement romance remakes 1940 film "The Shop Around the Corner." Meg Ryan is an independent bookstore manager while Tom Hanks is scion of a family that runs a mega chain.
  3. Mallrats, 1995 Kevin Smiths second film also features Jay and Silent Bob. Although less successful than "Clerks," it has achieved cult status. Shenanigans are carried out by Shannon Doherty and Ben Affleck.
  4. Clerks, 1994 slacker comedy introduced to cinema Jay and Silent Bob. Made on a budget of $27,000 and shot at a convenience store in New Jersey where the director, Kevin Smith, worked.
  5. Mannequin, 1987 An artist makes a store mannequin so perfect it comes to life at night in the form of Kim Cattrel, from "Sex and the City." Movie largely takes place in a large New York City department store.
  6. High Fidelity, 2000 Dramedy about record shop owner examining the past to figure out why he can't maintain a relationship. Arrested development is clear from the vinyl records he specializes in.
  7. Miracle on 34th Street, 1947 Yes, there is a Santa Claus, Virginia. Timeless, uplifting drama moves from Macy's flagship store to a psychiatric hospital to a courtroom, where Santa Claus is put on trial.
  8. Employee of the Month, 2006 To get an idea about this movie all you have to know is it was a Jessica Simpson vehicle. It makes the list because the entire movie is set in a large , warehouse club store.
  9. Empire Records, 1995 Comedic day in the life of an independent record store fighting for survival against a large chain. Wacky employees, including a young Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler, save the store.
  10. 40 Year Old Virgin, 2005 Four buds at an electronics superstore learn Steve Carrell hasn't "done the deed." Carrell meets Catherine Keener, manager of an iSold It store. "It" finally happens.

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