Gulf Express Convenience Store Opens with Donation

To celebrate the grand opening of its latest convenience store, a Gulf Express station located in Framingham, Cumberland Farms presented the Boys and Girls Club of MetroWest with a $1,000 donation last week.

The Boys and Girls Club of MetroWest serves more than 600 young people per day in Framingham, Marlborough and Hudson, Mass. Students in elementary school through high school participate in after-school programs ranging from technology to gym activities.

Through Cumberland Farms’ Corporate Giving Program for Youth, the company works to improve the prospects for young people; encourages and supports young people’s achievements in business and leadership; and provides educational opportunities for young people.

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Anonymous said...

I was just rudely treated by a gulf express employee. I was coming home late from work and i only needed a dollar worth of gasoline to get home. I normally get 5 or ten dollars at a time, but today I had forgotten my wallet. The gasoline attendant yelled at me for wasting his time and then yelled at me because i had gotten 5 dollars worth of gasoline in the past. He told me not to come back unless I bought ten dollars worth at a time. He told me that If I didnt have the money stay home. I was out late working. I dont deserve to be treated this way and if your employees dont want to work... in this economy there are plenty of people who will want to work there and doo a better job. I do not have a nice car and I work hard for what little money I have and I would never treat anyone the way that I was treated tonight. I will expect a reply before I proceed to tell all of my friends and collegues about my bad experience or before I go on to my radio program with tonights events. I trust that you will handle this situation more proffessionally than your employee did.