Now You See Them...Retailers Need to Engage Fast with Gen Y New Hires

Employers must win over their younger new hires quickly, according to a survey of more than 2,500 senior human resources executives conducted by Boston-based global consulting firm Novations Group (

About half of the executives (51 percent) reported that they have between one and six months to show Generation Y employees that the company is the best place for them. One-quarter (26 percent) indicated they have less than a month to do so!

This means retail managers have a short window of time to capture the hearts and minds of Gen Y new hires. Some simply tactics to improve Gen Y retention are:
  • Making sure that every applicant gets a realistic job preview and a clear sense of what to expect from he company.
  • Try to connect new hires with other employees

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Anonymous said...

Life is too short to spend time is a job I don't like. I move on. Period.