Cumberland Farms Adds Second Drive-Thru Store

Customers at the Cumberland Farms convenience store here can get your usual c-store staples -- coffee, cigarettes, milk. However, they can do it from their car.

The recently opened Cumberland Farms at 263 Grafton St. is the second of the company's nearly 600 locations to feature a drive-thru window, according to the The first store with a drive-thru opened its doors (and window) in Kingston this past winter.

"We're not just in the convenience store business, we're in the business of providing for the on-the-go customer," Ari Haseotes, president of the Framingham, Mass.-based company said at the time. "The drive-thru was really just raising the bar yet another level."

Cumberland Farms bought the Grafton Street location last year, razing the existing building to make way for a new 4,547-square-foot c-store, company spokesperson Christen Graham. The new location, which held its grand opening on Nov. 10, represents the company's new store design.

Cumberland Farms' multimillion-dollar renovation project to modernize its nearly 600 stores was recently celebrated in Worcester with the grand opening of the Grafton Street store.

Cumberland Farm is currently undertaking a multimillion-dollar renovation project to modernize its stores. Another Cumberland Farms store is under construction on West Main Street in Dudley. The existing 1,780-square-foot store and other structures on the lot were recently razed. The plan, approved by the town in 2006, calls for a 2,400-square-foot building with a contemporary facade of vinyl siding and cultured stone. Although the Dudley location will not include a drive-thru window, it will offer the other amenities in the company's new store design, according to the news report.

The Dudley store is expected to open in January.

Cumberland Farms is trying to find success where few other convenience store operators have found any. Of the more than 146,000 c-stores across the country, only a few have drive-thru service.

Several years ago, 7-Eleven unsuccessfully tried drive-thru windows in the Dallas area, NACS spokesman Jeff Lenard told the "The drive-thru is something you're seeing more of, but it is fairly novel," he said. "They (Cumberland) are not the first, but it's still newsworthy."

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Matthew O'Reilly said...

I recently stopped at this store and was impressed with the drive-thru model. I think it is a revolutionary idea that should prove successful. It represents an even higher level of convenience and should boost coffee and food sales.