Cumberland Farms offers free coffee on Fridays

Cumberland Farms is offering free cups of coffee on Fridays through early December at its roughly 500 convenience-store-and gas-station locations.
Cumberland Farms said in a press release: "The company dedicated six months to researching, testing, and tasting blends with its coffee roaster to create a delicious new taste, at an unexpected price. Farmhouse Blend is a medium roast with a smooth, harmonious flavor. Because Cumberland Farms understands the importance of offering its consumers a great cup of coffee at an affordable price, customers can pour a cup of Farmhouse Blend for free every Friday through Dec 5. Additionally, all hot beverages, of any size, will be just 99 cents, every day of the week. (For those loyal to Cumberland Farms original coffee, that's still available too.)"
Cumberland Farms press release included a statement from Ari Haseotes, the chain's president and chief operating officer.
"We felt the time was right to offer our customers an updated and delicious coffee choice at a great price," Haseotes said. "A great cup of coffee shouldn't cost as much as a gallon of gas, nor should anyone have to take a lot of time out of the day to get it. Farmhouse Blend is another way we provide our customers with value and convenience."
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Anonymous said...

I tried this coffee and it's really good! No waiting at a drive thru and I make it the way I like it. I'm switching to Cumby's.

Dwayne said...

I applied for a part-time job at the Cumberland Farms store on Main street in Warrensburg last week. I would really like to work at this store.