Stay Awake at the Wheel This New Year’s Eve with a Free Cup of Coffee from Cumberland Farms

Convenience store wants drivers to be safe for the holiday

This New Years Eve Cumberland Farms is making it a little easier to say so-long to 2007 and hello to 2008 by helping their customers keep alert and awake on the road into the wee hours of 2008. That’s why from 5 pm on New Years Eve until 5 am on New Years Day all Cumberland Farms locations will be giving away a cup of piping hot coffee - on the house.
Cumberland Farms is encouraging drivers to take advantage of this community service. Indeed fatigue on the road is a dangerous issue. The National Sleep Foundation says the combination of caffeine and naps is one of the best ways to help fight drowsiness, which they cite as a leading cause of accidents.
“We want to thank our customers this holiday season,” said Ari Haseotes, Vice President of Marketing for Cumberland Farms. “The goal of our free coffee program is to help them stay alert, and keep safe on the roads.”
The free coffee is available at all Cumberland Farms stores across the Northeast and Florida except for those with Dunkin Donuts service.

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Thank you Cumberland Farms!